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How to clean artist brush

2010-09-06 1412

When you are done painting with a particular brush, you must clean it right away to avoid paint drying on the bristles. Follow this simple procedure for how to clean artist brushes and you'll have sparkling fresh artist brushes for the next time you want to paint!


At your work place, before you go to the sink, place the bristles in between a paper towel or rag and squeeze out the excess paint.

Swish the brush around in your cup of water to release any leftover paint.

Gently shake off the excess water.


Repeat Step 1.


Go to the sink, and rinse your brush under running lukewarm water. Using your fingers, gently and quickly squeeze the bristles to further dislodge any leftover paint.


Using special artist soap or regular hand-washing soap, put some soap on your brush and gently wash the bristles with your fingers by working the soap through the bristles.


Rinse off the soap.


Check to see if there is any paint left, and if there is, repeat Steps 5 and 6.

Once you are certain all the paint has been removed, shake the brush to remove the excess water.


Place the bristles in between a paper towel or rag, and squeeze out the excess water.


Let your artist brush dry in a safe place, preferably lying horizontally.