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How To Make Your Makeup Brush Last Longer?

2015-11-04 843 Admin


You might not have been acquainted with the real hero behind a flawless-looking woman, which is none other than

makeup brushes.
An essential key to perfect makeup application is using makeup brushes the right way. From foundation brushes to

eyeliner brushes, there are different types of makeup brushes available in the market, as per the need. Because makeup

brushes play a major role on the skin, the importance of cleaning them cannot be emphasized more than this. So, check

out different tips to maintain makeup brushes and make them last longer.


1. Wash The Brushes
Many of them believe brushes can be used at a stretch; but the fact is, it should be washed once in a month. It is very

important to wash the brushes as soon as you bring makeup brush at home, as it contains particles and dust while been

displayed in the shop. You should wash your brushes once or twice in a month with the help of natural oil or shampoo.

Using baby shampoo can also help to remove build-up from the makeup brushes.


2. Cleaning Technique

According to sources, it is very important to focus on your brush while applying on skin. If you push your brush towards

your skin, there are high chances that the bristles of the brush spread and break as well. If you push or bend your brush in

unusual directions, it can destroy your makeup brushes completely. Once the bristles of the makeup brushes are spread,

it then becomes difficult to achieve a flawless makeup look.


3. Use The Right Brush From A Right Product

It is important to use the right brush from the right product, as wrong ones may lead to the destruction of the bristles of the

brush. You should generally use natural hair bristles to apply compressed powder or loose powder, while the synthetic

brushes should be used to apply liquid foundation or liquid eyeshadows.


4. Use A Synthetic Brush

You should use synthetic brushes because the fact is, this kind of brushes last longer than the natural hair brushes.

Synthetics brushes can be washed easily at home and they last longer. They can be cleaned quite often without the loss of

hair bristles. As synthetic brushes are made with the help of nylon, it is extremely useful to apply liquid foundation with



5. Store The Brushes Properly

Once you have washed the hair brushes with the help of a baby shampoo, it is very important to store them properly.

Always store them flat on the bed and allow them to dry under natural air. Avoid blowing off the hair brush with hot air,

as it may affect the bristles and destroy it completely. Other than this , you should store makeup brushes with the brush

part facing towards the upper area. Whether natural brush or synthetic brush, you should store these makeup brushes in

airtight plastic covers, so that it does not come in contact with the environment. The key to store them in airtight

containers is that they can help maintain the shape and avoid dust particles from getting settled on them.


6. Stop Sharing Your Brushes

You should avoid sharing any cosmetics with your friends, which also includes makeup brushes. Because makeup

brushes are directly used on the skin, it may carry germs and bacteria over it. These germs and bacteria may get

transferred from one person to another if shared. So, avoid sharing makeup brushes with others.